Rehoming Your Pet

We know rehoming your pet is a difficult decision. Our mission is to promote bonds between pets and their people. If you feel you can no longer care for your pet because of unstable housing, financial hardship, or behavioral challenges, we can provide or direct you to resources that may help you keep your pet at home. Please scroll down to see the resources we offer.

We do not euthanize pets due to space, time at the shelter, breed, or resources.

How to Sign Over Your Pet to Roice-Hurst Humane Society

Please submit a pet information form on our website.

If you wish to sign over a dog, click here. If you wish to sign over a cat, click here

  • Please be specific and provide as much detail as you can about your pet’s behavior, medical history, experience and behavior around other pets and children, a picture and other important information so we provide the pet with proper behavioral and medical care and place it in an appropriate foster/adoptive home.
  • Submitting a form is not a guarantee we will be able to take in your pet.
  • Please be aware that we often have a wait for animals coming in to the shelter. Please call 970-434-7337 for an estimated wait time. You will be called to make an appointment to bring your pet to the shelter.
  • We do not accept pets on a walk-in basis.

Another option for finding a new home for your pet is Rehome, by Adopt-a-pet. This option connects you with people who are looking for a new pet and allows you to safely adopt your pet directly to another individual.

If you are a resident of Mesa County, Mesa County Animal Services (MCAS) accepts dogs signed over by their owners. MCAS does not euthanize healthy, adoptable, or rehabilitatable dogs.

For a complete list of additional shelters see our Animal Related Community Contacts

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

– Veterinary records
– Any medications or supplements your pet is currently taking
– Any of your pet’s belongings (blankets, beds, toys, etc.)
– A few servings of their food
– Any forms not submitted online
– If your pet was adopted from Roice-Hurst, please bring the original adoption paperwork/folder

Resources to Keep You and Your Pet Together

If you can no longer keep your pet due to an issue listed below, we offer resources that may help.

Behavioral Issues

Our behavior counselors offer consultations for dogs and cats through our Animal Resource Center. If you’re considering rehoming your pet due to a behavioral issue, consider scheduling a consultation to see if there are ways to correct or control it. Behavior consultations are free to Roice-Hurst adopters for 30 days after adoption and $25 per hour for the public. Contact our Behavior Counselors at 970-434-7337.


We keep a list of rentals that allow pets on our Pet-Friendly Rentals web page and encourage landlords to notify us when pet-friendly units become available. Another resource for finding pet-friendly housing is Catholic Outreach’s Almost Home Guide

If you are facing an eviction and need legal assistance, apply for help at Colorado Legal Services.

Pet Food & Essentials

We offer a Pet Pantry with free and low-cost pet food and supplies. Apply for Pet Pantry assistance by clicking here, or call 970-434-7337 ext. 103.

Crisis Situations

If you are in a crisis situation and are at risk of having to rehome your pet, we may be able to help through our short-term boarding program. To learn more, contact our Animal Resource Center Coordinator at 970-434-7337 ext. 103 or apply online

Financial Hardship

If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford expenses related to your pet, we may be able to connect you to resources for pet owners. Contact our Animal Resource Center Coordinator at 970-434-7337 ext. 103 to learn more.

Click HERE for links to Veterinary Assistance Grants and Organizations.  

Domestic Violence

The LINK program works directly with Hilltop’s Domestic Violence Services to provide a safe place for clients’ pets. Contact LINK for eligibility at 970-241-0324 or call the 24-hour crisis line at 970-241-6704.

Animals We Do Not Accept

Found Pets
  • Stray dogs ­­– Because we are not an enforcement agency, we cannot accept found dogs. However, we have two 24-hour Mesa County Animal Services holding kennels outside our shelter for found dogs. Call 970-242-4646 for the padlock code at to report the dog. Mesa County Animal Services will pick it up from the holding kennel. 
  • Stray cats ­­– In Mesa County, cats are allowed by law to roam freely outdoors, therefore we do not accept cats someone has found because it may be someone’s pet. If you have found a friendly cat, you may take the cat to any shelter or veterinarian to scan for a microchip and attempt to locate an owner. If there is no microchip, try posting in lost and found pet groups on Facebook, going door-to-door, and hanging up flyers to find an owner. If you can establish the cat has no owner, we may be able to accept it. If you have knowledge that a cat has been abandoned, contact Mesa County Animal Services at 970-242-4646. 

If you have found a lost pet, please fill out our Found Pets Form and Mesa County Animal Services’ found pets form to have it listed on both websites.


We require an appointment to sign over a pet and may not be able to accept your pet right away, depending on the availability of space at the shelter or foster homes. If you need to rehome your pet immediately, you may try to find a home for your pet using your network of friends and family, through the Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet website, or by contacting other shelters in the area to inquire about available space at those facilities.

Feral Adult Cats

Feral cats are unsocialized community cats that live outdoors. We do not take in feral cats over the age of 12 weeks because they are not adoptable due to their fear of humans. These cats often have caretakers who ensure they have food and water and are vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

If you are caring for or noticing feral cats, it is important for them to be spayed/neutered so they do not reproduce. If you live in 81501, contact the RHHS Grand Valley Cat Project at 970-261-3760 for free spay/neuter assistance. For feral cats outside of the 81501 zip code, contact Grand Valley Pets Alive at 970-462-7554 or Mesa County Animal Services at 970-242-4646 for spay/neuter vouchers. For more information about how you can help community cats, watch our online Snip N’ Tip class.

Species Other Than Dogs & Cats

We only accept dogs and cats. If you wish to rehome a different species, call Mesa County Animal Services at 970-242-4646. If you need help with a wild animal, call the Colorado Department of Wildlife at 970-255-6100.