Animal Resource Center

The Animal Resource Center highlights our mission of “promoting bonds between pets and their people” and strives to keeps pets in homes with their families through various avenues:

Dog & Cat Behavior Counseling
The number one reason animals are surrendered is because of behavior issues. The good news is that often these concerns can be resolved with some patience and persistence. Our behavior counselors are here to offer guidance and advice. Consultations for behavior assistance are free to Roice-Hurst adopters for 30-days after adoption and $25 per hour for the public. 
Spay/Neuter Assistance for Dog(s)

If you live in Mesa County and need assistance with spay/neuter for your dog(s) please complete the form below. 

For assistance with cats in the 81501 zip code visit the Grand Valley Cat Project page. 

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Pet Pantry
Our Pet Pantry is designed for pet parents who have fallen on hard times. We offer dog and cat food and other pet-related items. Supplies vary and quantities are limited. To get started please complete the Pet Pantry Application. For more information please contact April – or 970-434-7337 ext. 103


Crisis Boarding Program
Our Crisis Boarding Program is designed for individuals facing a crisis and at-risk of being separated from their pet(s). Acceptance into this program is based on income and a long-term commitment to care for one’s pet(s). Application required. Please contact April – or 970-434-7337 ext. 103